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I can be reached by Email at:



or you can phone me at:949.476.2030

I am located in Southern California and am happy to meet with individuals looking for a drum. I am also happy to meet with individuals via SKYPE in order to hear drums "live". Pleas feel free to contact me with questions or if i can be of any help.








I am often able to repair or replace heads on broken or dead heads. Click here to see an example of repairs on a Steve Forman drum. This was a very nice drum but as yo can see the head is shot. Because Steve builds good drums I was able to replace the head. The drum had all tacks removed and replaced, a new head, the finish touched up and retaped. Sounds easier than it was.

Repairing a drum can be as easy as putting a new head on the drum. Other repairs can be more difficult. I have seen drums made by some makers that are so poorly made that they, regardless of the price of the drum, are not worth repairing.

Currently: Working on two drums by major makers. Both needed heads replaced. Both had very dry brittle heads on them. Both were relatively new and expensive!!!

Once in a while a drum can be repaired or made to sound better just by some simple adjustments that the owner can make with direction via Skype, Email or Phone. If you have questions or if I can be of any help please feel free to contact me contact me.